Right from his early childhood, Florent Poirier has this sensibility to antic style and rare objects. He has been used to wander antic dealers and secondhand trades with his father searching collection pieces. That’s where his passion for retro and for turn of the 20th century fashion comes from.

In 2010, he decides to create his own brand with the idea to reinvent a forgotten timeless leatherwork and to propose an attractive price / quality ratio. He draw a first model named « LeCartable » with only ten pieces to product.

Back then, one of the first difficulty was to find a manufacturer who could provide a so small quantity. Naturally, he chose India to launch his first collection. A long process began to develop his own leathers in partnership with tanners.

All conditions were gathered to create this new brand, which will become PAUL MARIUS.

Inspired by schoolbags, old postman bags or by 70’s carry-on luggages, the brand is now offering a fully handmade exclusive bags and accessories collection.

Today, thanks to the success of the brand, PAUL MARIUS can count on 1400 collaborating Indians artisans and about 200 French workers involved in the development.

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